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There is no need to drive around town picking up paint samples, I bring them to you! We will design a landscape of color for your home that will enhance each individual room around your personal style.

Lighting effects the room and the color you choose makes a difference in what works well with your existing furniture, wood trims-cabinetry etc. As your professional color consultant, it is our job to make sure your palette of colors is pleasing to the eye but, flows naturally through your space.

After your color call is complete, you will receive a work sheet, like a road map, so you or your painter will know exactly how to start painting.

Over 25 Years Experience In:

* Paint Color Consultations for the Interior and Exterior spaces.
* Provides an instruction sheet on where to start & stop the paint
* Completes an outline of your pallet so any painter can follow
* Interior Design for Residential and Commercial

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