Custom Color Consultation: Commercial & Industrial

Color is a powerful way to create a personal relationship with your clients. With Lakey Design, a custom color update can imbue in your customers a sense of trust, confidence, urgency, and/or eagerness. It can introduce a sense of authority or power; stability and honesty; even growth and creativity. Created by LaRee Holscher, of Lakey Design, a successful color palette can not only focus your clients’ attention, but can trigger action, encourage community, and influence their perceptions.

LaRee Holscher brings a background in psychology and design to the application of color in your business space. This includes an understanding of color theory and history, as well as clear knowledge of up-to-date trends and how to apply them to deliver maximum customer impact.


How it works

During your color consultation, LaRee will look at your work spaces for architectural design, ceiling height, lighting (both natural and artificial), textures, trims, furnishings and flooring, and other critical factors. LaRee will then customize a palette that can help you effectively use your space — not just your business skills — to capture and captivate clients.


Tasteful art

and carefully placed greenery brings the outside in to this entrance and work organically with the wood rails, cabinetry, and trims. More, with their different heights and placements, these ‘living’ colors, draw the eye from one level to the next. Stairs become a pleasurable experience in finding out what is created beyond the foyer.

On-site custom color consultation

An on-site custom color consultation includes:

  • On-site consultation.
  • Detailed paint palette, so painters use the correct, specific colors.
  • Room instructions, so painters know exactly where to start and stop each color.
  • Homework sheet for large-format paint samples and draw-downs.

LaRee’s commercial clients have ranged from realtor, mortgage, and attorneys’ offices to salons and other small businesses. She has also designed successful and effective color palettes for both commercial buildings and large industrial spaces.

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