Custom Color Consultations

Thousands of paint samples, colors and tints, brands, textures, and sheens… How do you choose what will work well in your space – with your own home’s lighting and the furniture you love?

Avoid the inertia of indecision and costly paint mistakes. Lakey Design removes the uncertainty of working with a dizzying array of samples; and eliminates those tedious trips to the paint store. Instead, our customized color consultation brings the best colors to you, in your own home. With Lakey Design, you can take advantage of exciting new trends in design that blend beautifully with your own lifestyle.

An oasis of comfort uses a richly muted green accent wall to contrast the ecru side walls and focus attention. Cream, textured linens lift the space from the dark wood floors and emphasize the vaulted, beamed ceiling.

During your custom consultation LaRee Holscher of Lakey Design looks closely at your home and talks with you about your personal style. This includes looking at flow, textures, lighting — both natural and artificial, architecture, wood trims and cabinetry, your furniture and flooring, and a host of other factors. We find out what you love most about your space, so we can bring you inspired palettes for your unique personality. We can then help you choose the color effects and combinations that best enhance each room.

“Flow” colors tie spaces together, while brilliant spot colors with complementary textures create a feel of contemporary elegance and comfort.

Whether you want a center for creative activity, an outside-in design, or a serene and soothing retreat, we help you find the colors that lift and inspire your life and flow naturally through your home!

Your custom color design consultation includes:

  • On-site consultation.
  • Detailed paint palette, so painters use the correct, specific colors.
  • Room instructions, so painters know exactly where to start and stop each color.
  • Homework sheet for large-format paint samples and draw-downs.

For more information about turning your vision into a home, or to arrange for a color consultation to create the perfect color palette for your space, contact LaRee today to discuss your design needs!

By varying wall colors and using different textured furnishings, what was once a plain layout closed off by thick rails becomes an organic statement of wood, light, and openness, with the eye drawn beyond the rails to each new space.

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