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Whether it is a total makeover or merely updating your look, choosing paint colors for your walls can be intimidating – there are a dizzying array of samples. It is fun and exciting to think of the possibilities, yet also stressful for fear of picking the wrong color and paying for a costly mistake. Check out our expert, custom color consultations, where we help you choose a palette that your home.

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Lakey Design keeps up with the latest trends and colors, so your space can be edgy but never overblown; classic and elegant, but never dated. Stay inspired!

Over 25 years experience Design and Color Consultations

LaRee Holscher has over 25 years experience in interior design and color consultations. She is also a world traveler who has explored several favorite periods of art, loves antiquing in Europe and the US, enjoys working with the texture of different fabrics, and is an avid nature lover. Her experiences with different cultures, art periods, crafts, and terrains give her expertise a depth, clarity, and panache unusual in most color designers.


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