Interior Design: Commercial & Industrial

Interior design has a profound impact on business, both on customers and on employees. For employees, creating a functional but inviting workspace can not only improve worker satisfaction, but increase efficiency. For customers, good design can address pain points, fears, and motivations — it creates an aesthetic experience that becomes a psychological one. It’s that psychological experience that LaRee Holscher, of Lakey Design, taps into, to support your business goals.

LaRee Holscher has over 25 years experience in commercial and industrial interior design. Her background in psychology, not just design, allows her to quickly understand and implement a beautiful yet functional design that provides multiple benefits:  Organic, efficient spaces for workers; and inspiring and inviting spaces for clients. Especially for customers, inspiring interior design can help you influence impressions of your business as well as decision making.

Take advantage of LaRee’s skill in design psychology to implement an updated, uplifting design that subtly promotes your marketing strategies and bolsters your business goals.


Unique art and artifacts draw in clients

Often in a business space, a unique piece becomes a focal point for clients. This can help intrigue them, make a waiting area more pleasing, even change client moods. With LaRee’s careful design skills, every piece in your office can effectively influence customer perceptions and help support your business.

LaRee brings to you an extensive list of contacts and resources to find, design, or create the furniture, accessories, and art that evoke your business goals. Through LaRee, you will have access to a network of trade vendors, master craftsmen and craftswomen, artists and artisans who can reflect your personality into your space.


Expertise in large and small spaces

LaRee’s clients have ranged from realtor, mortgage, and attorneys’ offices, to salons and other wide-ranging small businesses. She has also successfully designed color palettes for both commercial buildings and large industrial spaces.

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