Interior Design: Residential

When it comes to Interior Design, each home, client, and budget is different. Colors, texture, reflections and sheens– they’re not just aspects of your home, they express your personality, create ambiance, inspire your moods, and perhaps even help you branch out into new, creative directions.

Here at Lakey Design, LaRee Holscher personalizes your design plan and its execution to your unique goals. With over 25 years experience, LaRee can help you choose the right elements to bring balance, flow, and energy to your space — and at the same time, alleviate the stress, indecision, and worry that can paralyze a home design project.

Texture & color

work together to create an en-suite that has energy and creativity, while still achieving an aesthetic balance.

Unique art and artifacts lift your space

Often a unique piece will pull a room together and give it flair that makes it stand out.  LaRee brings to you extensive contacts and resources to find, design, and/or create the furniture and art you envision. With Lakey Designs, you will have access to a network of trade vendors, master craftsmen and craftswomen, artists, and artisans who can reflect your personality into your space.

Contrast, texture, comfort and style…

A curved sofa reflects the curves of the ottoman, fireplace arch, and overhead beams. Mixed textures of wood, fur, leather and stone create a warm earthy feel, which is enhanced by the rich palette of creams and browns. Unique wooden vases, a handcrafted wicker cushion holder, and an artisan carpet complete this comfortable social space.

Whether you want a center for creative activity, an outside-in design, or a serene and soothing retreat, we help you find the colors that lift and inspire your life and flow naturally through your home!

Expertise in large and small spaces

Sometimes you just need some suggestions for color. Sometimes you need a whole palette. Sometimes you can move the furniture to take advantage of a change in lighting. Sometimes you need a new sofa. And sometimes it’s all about the accessories – about lifting a space from the commonplace into the interesting and inviting.

Whether your project is large or small, LaRee’s extensive expertise helps match your budget to your design, enhance your home’s décor, and give you a new reason to love the place you call home.

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